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17-18 Pre Christmas Interclub results

It was a bit of a struggle for the Whitby teams this half-season, with only one of our 10 Interclub teams finishing in a 'medal position' in their grade. 

This resulted in a few teams dropping down a grade for the upcoming Post Christmas season, hopefully leading to some better results!!

Senior Grade Placing
Mens Premier 3 (a) 6th
Mens Premier 3 (b) 8th
Mens 5 (a) 5th
Mens 5 (b)      6th
Womens 1 9th
Mixed A 6th
Mixed B 4th


Junior teams fought hard and earned consistent results;

Junior Grade Placing
Mixed A (1) 1st
Mixed A (2) 6th
Mixed C 4th


Check out full results for each of these teams on the Tennis Central website.


Kelly Southwood shares her experiences of College Tennis in the United States

Whitby's Kelly Southwood has been playing College tennis in the United States. She has been kind enough to share some of her experiences and thoughts here.


Club member Clifton King is unlikely to find anyone parking in his spot any time soon....

 car in ditch-min

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Deeply in thought about his impending interclub match, Clifton King unfortunately forgot about that 'handbrake thing' recently ...

Members watched the car 'leave', initially presuming that Clifton had been dropped off. That is until it continued off on to the grass bank and straight in to the water!

The club has decided to dedicate it's first ever lifetime car park (below) for one of it's members. Club patrons are asked to please avoid parking here in future....  

 Clifton is shown below explaining to local police how his new park provides good shelter from the sun... 

Clifton_talking_to_police-min.jpg - 453.92 KB

It's not clear whether this unfortunate incident 'drove' Clifton on to a good performance. Anyway.. best we park it there.